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Engie simplifies car repair and maintenance, giving you confidence at the mechanic! Once paired with our Bluetooth device, the app scans and reports on over 10,000 car faults, as well as provides analytics on fuel consumption, trip tracking, and parked car location.
Simply purchase our device through the app and plug it in under the dash.
Make your driving experience smarter and safer with Engie today!

How does Engie assist drivers?
Engie diagnoses your car’s malfunctions and immediately provides warnings
• Automatic warnings about your motor’s status sent straight to your phone, therefore you know when you need a repair and never worry about safety
• Simple explanations of over 10,000 malfunctions, from warning lights to issues under the bonnet
• Gives you peace of mind that everything in your car from your engine to your battery is in great condition
• Observes your typical fuel consumption
Engie allows you to find nearby reliable mechanics
• Provides a list of local mechanics, so you don’t travel with a check engine warning light for long
• Mechanics have ratings so you are confident they will accurately and affordably repair your car
• Lists including multiple mechanics with various specialties and prices
Engie helps you understand how your car works and keep up with maintenance
• Monitors important parameters, such as battery life, oil and petrol volume, and fuel consumption
• Alerts you when you have upcoming maintenance and helps you locate a mechanic for your service, that way your car is always safe to drive
• Tracks where you park, so you can always locate your car in a car park

With Engie making your vehicle smart, you can feel confident that your car will pass the MOT, whether you have a Vauxhall or a Renault or anything else.
Enjoy the assurance that your vehicle is safe to drive.
Obvious notification when your car is not safe to drive due to a malfunction under the bonnet.
You’ll be able to understand any warning light that appears in your motor, whether it be the check engine light or something else.
Now with a smarter car, you will be able to track how much petrol is consumed to better understand your fuel costs.
Always locate your vehicle’s parking spot with the car parking locator through the Engie app.
Find the nearest mechanic to have your car repaired no matter the malfunction.

About us:
“This clever app can tell you what’s wrong with your car, get a quote for a fix and book you into a nearby garage so you don’t need to worry about overpriced repairs”- The Sun http://bit.ly/2vpuLnw

“I love the security [Engie] gives you as well, I can walk into a garage knowing exactly what the problem is and not get overcharged.” -Natalie Pinkham-The Loadout http://bit.ly/2vQDdhM

Note: Engie’s OBD2 device works with vehicles from 2002 and onward, including: Audi, Citroen, Ford, Jaguar, Opel, Renault, Skoda, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, and more. It is currently optimized for the Israeli market, however, we are working to add more features in the United Kingdom, especially the mechanic quote feature for when you need a car repair. We are also constantly improving how other features, such as fuel consumption and malfunction identification, work through the app.

*The list of vehicle models with which Engie connects appears during the registration process.
You can find the location of your OBD2 port here to make your vehicle smart: http://bit.ly/2YvUlps

Keep in touch on Facebook- www.facebook.com/Engie.motors
View our website to learn more, order an OBD2 device to make your car smart, or find a mechanic near you: https://engieapp.com/

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