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The description of Flightio

Flightio helps you find the most appropriate flight ticket and Hotel for your travel from each country to your destination. Also you can reserve and buy train tickets. You can search, reserve and after making your mind, buy your desired flight ticket with your desired flight company. Customizing in a user-friendly UI is the Flightio app’s feature. Also, the speed of searching is awesome since we are using amadeus and travelfusion systems. Here you can find some Flightio features:

*Best price Warranty:
Flightio suggests you lots of tickets given the origin and the destination of your trip. All the ticket prices are shown and you can simply choose the one you can afford. After reservation of the ticket, you will be given a price matris to compare and buy the reserved ticket of your trip.

*Fast Search:
By Flightio you can take your time without any waste of time waiting for search results. You choose your destination country and the suggested flights will appear soon, then you can find, reserve and then purchase your desired flight ticket to have perfect trip on holidays to sightseeing points of the world like southwest London.

*Mostly all hotels around the world:
You can find most of the hotels around the world in Flightio application.

*Free app, Free Ticket Reservation:
Flightio offers you a free app for your Android device to easily search for your trips. Travels and holidays. You can reserve any ticket from any time to any country For FREE and without any payment. Flightio will send you an email and the ticket flight will be reserved for you until you buy it.

*No Added Fee:
When searching with Flightio to buy flight tickets, there is no extra fee added to your desired ticket fee. You will pay exactly the amount that is needed to buy the flight ticket from your location to your destination country.

*24/7 Support Team:
Flightio is proud of having a 24/7 support for Flightio users to solve any possible problem or question about everything; reservation, tickets, flights, fees, countries, hotels, airlines, bookings and anything you can think about travel, trip and holiday. Before, during and after reservation and buying flight tickets, you can call our support team to find the best answer to your questions.

*Flightio Refund Policy:
After buying a flight ticket it is possible for you to refund the money according to Flightio refund policies.

*Get Passport Expiration Alert and other Notifications:
All Flightio users can use the advantage of Flightio alert feature by which, users can be noticed about their passport expiration date. Also, every action of users like reservation, choosing and buying flight ticket can be alerted to them.

We are working hard to make the best of Flightio service to keep you satisfied. In the near future Flightio will add hotel reservation, car reservation and some other features to make Flightio the best and satisfying service all around the word. In case of having any question, suggestion or complaint please feel free to contact us. Flightio grows more and more with your help.

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