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IGI 2 Fort Night Modern Strike Force Cover Fire depicts the situation in which the commander ISI needs to do modern combat in battle royale fortnight game.

Story line:
You are the US army commander at this battleground mission in this gun shooting game of sniper strike. You will be performing your duties as a sniper shooter in this unknown battle ground which has become a barren battle land without parachute. You do not have parachute tasks in this battle royale modern combat game because your parachute training in battlegrounds modern combat mission is yet to be completed. The battlegrounds require blood of the patriots in order to win wars in this counter terrorist commando strike game of future nations. In the battlefield you are an unknown battle ground fortnight ISI commando. But actually you are a US army special ops sniper shooter.

There will be sniper strike missions in which you will be a sniper shooter, then there will be tanks in the battlefield and everywhere with unlimited modern combat weapons.

In this IGI 2 Fort Night Modern Strike Force Cover Fire game, your task is simple, use your battle royale skills and special ops training and become a sniper strike expert of the gun shooting game. Commando strike without parachute mission will be destroying approaching gunship helicopters.

Careful not to kill the parachute special ops they might be your friend in the battle ground. Unknown fortnight commando will be looking for the commander ISI in the battlefield. Critical strike by US army sniper shooter will be required in areas to secure battlegrounds in counter terrorist battlefield.

IGI 2 Fort Night Modern Strike Force Cover Fire is a battleground specially designed for sniper strike lovers. There are multiple select-able snipers to execute a perfect sniper strike job.

US Army is fighting counter terrorist in battle land with ISI support in this game. Every country became a battleground in the counter terrorist war. Special ops have developed many counter terrorist squads to control terrorism in unknown battle ground. This world has become a bigger battlefield in which our commander is also performing fortnight tasks using critical strike techniques taught in ISI for battleground.

This gun shooting game is made considering fortnight battleground requirements of modern combat. Commander this is your chance in the battle land to prove your exceptional critical strike skills of the experience in the ultimate unknown battle ground of this gun shooting game.

For now there is only one battle land in IGI 2 Fort Night Modern Strike Force Cover Fire but we will soon be adding more of them so that you can enjoy multiple battlegrounds in this battle royale gun shooting game.

Remember battle royale expert, this is a critical strike game in battlegrounds, so get ready to test your critical strike skills. Agencies like RAW are also part of survival squad of special forces fighting the FPS battle. Survival squad is responsible for the tasks of special forces in shooting down the gunships in FPS battle. RAW operatives are the backbone of many covert operations in the survival squad. The special forces in the FPS battle will be targeted by the RAW officials of survival squad. Hopefully you enjoy fighting side by side with RAW in the survival squad destroying the very crucial targets in the FPS battle spotted by the special forces. Be a RAW agent, Get to the FPS Battle and work with the special forces



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